LoveLEE – or why you love Leighanne…

Leighanne Littrell does not “need wings to be an angel”. She simply is. Leighanne has an extraordinary life that she deserves. She has spent the past years following and supporting her husband. If it were not for Leighanne gracing her husband’s life, Brian would probably not be here anymore. And if Brian was not here, I am not sure whether or not I would know who Leighanne is. I think that God works in mysterious ways, and he has sent both Leighanne and Brian to grace the lives of people all around the world. I support Leighanne, not because of who her husband is, but because she has a bright light that shines on its own. She has taken what God has thrown at her and turned it into something positive for herself, and shared her positivity with her fans. Leighanne’s Wylee bags are amazing, cute, functional, and creative. Leighanne needed something practical to carry her family’s belongings, realized the potential behind her own design, and is now sharing her bags with willing buyers. No matter what endeavor Leighanne decides to do, I will support her no matter what they are. Leighanne has been such an extraordinary part of my life. She has shown me that there are genuinely sincere people in the world. She has made me have faith in both Christ and love. Leighanne has been an angel in my life, and the lives of so many people around the world. I look forward to seeing whatever else Leighanne has to offer to the world and cannot wait to see her accomplish so much more than she has already.


Leighanne is an angel. I like Leighanne because she is such an inspiration. She is an amazing person, and beautiful as well. She knows where her heart is at, and she is christian as well. She carries herself very well and is a talented woman. She knows how todo many things. Her Wylee line is amazing, it’s successful and down right beautiful and unique! She sticks by Brian’s side through thick and thin and she has given me the strength and faith to keep on going. Because of Leighanne my walk with God is better and I continue to believe that I will find that special someone when the time is right.


Its hard to put into words exactly what I think of Leighanne and why I support her. Simply put, shes an amazing woman. Over the years we’ve crossed paths several times and in 2005 I had the opportunity to meet her briefly, but it has been in the past year that I’ve really come to know her. She’s an amazingly talented woman and she has one of the sweetest dispositions.

When it comes to Wylee … I think shes created a line that was WAY overdo. The bags and jewelry and accessories can be fun. They can be funky. And they can be sophisticated. I really think there is something for everyone. You can also tell that everything, especially the bags, are designed by a woman that knows what women need! I have a collection of purses because I LOVE purses, but I rarely ever carry anything other than a Wylee bag anymore, because Leighanne has designed items that fit my life and what I need.

With Leighanne, what you see is what you get, and I love that. Shes professional. Shes talented. There is always some idea brewing in her mind, and shes always ready to find ways to help others. You have to respect a woman like that. I think Leighanne encompasses what so many women strive to be, and she does so beautifully!


The reasons I like Leighanne is pretty simple. She is just normal. She does not behave like she is anything special or behaves like she is the king of the world because she is married to Brian. Meeting her is always a very great experience and it is always like meeting a friend. She is always absolutely lovely, cares a lot about others and always tries to take time. Leighanne always gives you the feeling that you are special and she is always listening. She is open and absolutely sweet.

I also like the fact that when I meet her together with Brian that she always stepping back and gives Brian the time to talk to the fans and when I was there she never gave me the feeling that it bothers her or that she wants Brian for herself.

She is also so normal that you can talk to her about very normal things like about raising children etc.

Moreover the way she raises Baylee seems so awesome. That she does not have Nanny and does everything on her own (of course with Brian). That she joins Brian on tour so that Baylee can be with his Daddy and Brian has a chance to be with his child. Esp. because the first years are so important for children.

And honestly I also love the fact that Leighanne has bad days as well and shows them. That is does not look perfect all the time that she does not play that she is ok if she is not. That makes her so normal.

The way she behaves to me and is when I meet her makes me like her even more. She always gives you the feeling that you are a part of her “life”, that you are a friend and not that you are just a “fan” who bothers her. She means a lot to me because it is not that I support just her but that she is always supporting me as much as she can. She wishes me luck for my exams, checks on me when she knows that something is wrong etc.

I also love the fact that she is not just thinking about herself and her family but that she is always supporting others. For example how much she is doing for the HHC and that she is also giving parts of the money she owns from her Wylee line to the HHC so that she can help others with that. Also she seems to support Brian as much as she can. She travels with him to give him the chance of being with his family, supporting him in his career and also stepping back with her own to make sure that she can be there for their child.

About her Wylee line. I like the fact that she does what she wants and that she does not let anyone talk her into anything. It is her line and she is responsible for it so she should decide what she wants to do and it is good that she does. I also got some stuff from Wylee and I love it. It is gorgeous and I love wearing the jewelry.


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