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"Simply Leighanne" is an unofficial website.
I am NOT Leighanne Littrell. I am NOT affiliate with her or/and her family.
This website is run by one of her fans for her fans.

Gallery updated !

I took the time to update the gallery with some “oldies” I found on in my computer…
More will follow soon 😉

2001 - On the set of "Olive Juice" ( 23 photos )
06.10.2005 - CBS Early Show ( 3 photos )
03.17.2006 - Children's Miracle Network Celebration - Orlando FL ( 2 photos )
11.20.2011 - Elf On The Shelf Premiere - Atlanta GA ( 2 photos )
12.18.2011 - The Littrells shop at the Grove - LA ( + 3 photos - #002 to #004 )
05.01.2012 - Arriving in Amsterdam NL ( 1 photo )
2012 - Save A Child's Heart Gala ( 12 photos )

Posted on 2015 Aug 19 by Audrey

The puzzle picture … :)

Leighanne sent me a neverseen picture of her and Brian… Picture that they took while they were in Los Angeles those last weeks (Thank you Leighanne!!!!!!!😘)
I decided that I will post a part of this picture every day on the Brian Littrell Central Instagram account.
The picture will be complete on August 26… Once it’s complete, the original will be posted on here and, of course, on BrianLittrellCentral.net.
Are you ready?? The first part is already up!!
Keep checking everyday 😉
Posted on 2015 Aug 18 by Audrey

New Design!

It was time I changed the design of the site... so no better day to do it than the day of the anniversary of SL!!! Thanks to Raahima ( Rain On Me Design ) for this another fabulous layout!! I hope you like it as much as I do !

Posted on 2015 Aug 17 by Audrey

SL celebrates SEVEN years online !!!

7 years.... and I still enjoy updating / working on this fansite so much :)
Thank you for visiting and for following on Twitter, IG, FB and YT!!

Posted on 2015 Aug 17 by Audrey

Leigh with (some of) her babies :)

There's two days ago, Leighanne shared on twitter and instagram cute pictures... one is her with Baylee and one of her furry baby, Ellie Sue and the other one is Ellie Sue by herself... :)
Here they are!

#1 - "I am blessed!!!"
#2 -

(click on the pictures to be redirected to the gallery)

Source: @LeighanneReena / @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Aug 16 by Audrey

[ Wylee Sale ] Back To Shool

To celebrate the new Messenger Bags and back to school, Wylee launches a new sale!!!!!
Save 10% off ALL messenger bags and backpacks when you use the code "TOOCOOLFORSCHOOL" (enter it at checkout for discount!)

(click on the banner to be redirected to the sale page at Wylee.com)

Happy Shopping !!! ^^

NB - The Sale go through end of August so get your bag now before it's too late!
Posted on 2015 Aug 14 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] ... from La La Land...

There's 6 days ago, the Littrells took a plane to Los Angeles... they shared some pictures from there... Here they are!
PS - Leigh, you are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S !!!! ♥

Instagram ( +9 photos - #298 to #306)

#1 - "Here we go again!!!!Bay is gonna be ripped!!!"
#2 - "Just in time for Back To School! Fun reversible bags are coming to Wylee!"
#3 - "Up up and away... 🙏4Asafe✈️"
#4 - "Greetings from La La land...👀"
#5 - "Words can't describe how much I love him!!!"
#6 - "From NO Filter to 3 different Filters and NO photoshop! I love filters I am not insecure or scared! Just creative!"
#7 - "Headed to dinner with friends... Gotta ❤️ those filters.... I love you Baby....😘"
#8 - "Can't forget our LittleMan.... 👏👏👏👏👀 lighting is fab!!!"
#9 - "Bay giving Ellie Sue a ride!!!"

Source: @leighlittrell and @rokspics
Posted on 2015 Aug 07 by Audrey

Signed card

Here's the signed card Leighanne / Wylee sent to all the persons that shopped at Wylee during the Birthday Sale... scanned it for SL.net :)

Posted on 2015 Jul 31 by Audrey

New pictures of Leighanne and Brian ♥

Those two pictures were shared on instagram... The first one on the Wylee account and the second on Leighanne's...
On the first one you can see Brian dealing with some of the Wylee packages ( orders from the bday sale) ... well who wouldn't mind having him as postman??? hahaha wink
And on the second, another selfie of our beautiful Leighanne :)

Instagram ( +2 photos - #296 and #297 )
#1 - "Wouldn't you love for him to be your postman!!!"
#2 - "Love all the ladies and of Course Dr Graivier at the Graivier Center!"

Source: @Wylee_Bags and @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Jul 29 by Audrey

Baylee training 💪

Go Baylee!!!

"At Fury Training with Coach Austin! FURY-OUS 💪"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Jul 29 by Audrey

Update on the Wylee orders :)

"Hey yall We are atill sending orders Don't worry we didn't forget you guys! 😁😘😁"

Source: @Wylee_Bags
Posted on 2015 Jul 27 by Audrey

Working on the Wylee orders...

Yesterday, Brian shared on his instagram account this video...
As you can see, the Littrells are working on the Wylee orders received during the Birthday sale...
Brian showed us some packages and even the signed photos that will be included with every orders... smile

Source: @rokspics
Posted on 2015 Jul 25 by Audrey

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