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"Simply Leighanne" is an unofficial website.
I am NOT Leighanne Littrell. I am NOT affiliate with her or/and her family.
This website is run by one of her fans for her fans.

'En route' to Mexico !!

Her and Baylee are heading to Mexico!!! (Miguel Torres is with them!)
How nice!! Brian will have his family by his side for Father's day!! : )
Angels on your wings Leighanne, Baylee and Miguel !!!

"Here we come Husband!"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Jun 20 by Audrey

Young Bon Jovi ;o)

Look out Jon Bon Jovi; Baylee is coming!!!! ;o)

"Baylee making fun of Richard Marx's style It kinda looks like young Bonjovi! Hahahaha cracks me up!"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Jun 20 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] Play time!!

There's few hours ago, Leighanne shared - on instagram - this cute picture of her, Baylee and their furry babies :)

"Play time before bed"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Jun 20 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] Two new photo of Leighanne

Leighanne posted this new new pictures of her on her instagram!

Instagram ( + 2 photos - #272 and #273 )

#1 - "Who's gonna come work out with me? I need a "cheerleader " 😘"
#2 - "We are havin a heat wave! A tropical heat wave ! Who sang that song?!??! BTW It's hot yall!!!!"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Jun 19 by Audrey

L & B meeting anniversary - Brian's message on IG

On their meeting anniversary, Brian posted on his Instagram account that great picture of him and Leigh in Israel and added those words :

"It was the 15th of June when she walked in my life... The year was 1997... 18 years ago today the sun came up on my heart, and life started... I love you with everything I am... 💐💐💐💐"

To that adorable and super romantic message, Leighanne answered :

Aren't that two just too cute for words??
This is love Ladies and gent !! ;)

Source: @rokspics
Posted on 2015 Jun 19 by Audrey

As Long As You Love Me .... ♥

Leighanne & Brian met there's 18 years ago today, on the set of "As Long As You Love Me"...
Happy Anniversary ! ♥ :)

Posted on 2015 Jun 15 by Audrey

At the club...

Yesterday, Leighanne shared that picture of her on her Twitter...
She wrote:

"Better day today At the club, watching the boys play!"

Isn't she so beautiful !?

Source: @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2015 Jun 15 by Audrey

Long day for Leighanne...

"Extremely long day today! Patience is a virtue and sometimes weakness comes as a surprise Somehow I came out with almost a smile... Goodnight all 😘"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Jun 15 by Audrey

Little break in L.V...

Leighanne joined her BFF and best friend's husband for a few days break in Las Vegas...
While she was there, she posted this beautiful picture of her with Jodi :)

"Love having best friend time! Thx for letting me crash you and Curt's trip! 😘"

Yesterday, she also posted this picture on Twitter when she was about to fly back home...

"Nothing like being running out of fuel while waiting out storms then being rerouted to fuel up and fly home"

Source: Leighanne on Instagram and Twitter.
Posted on 2015 Jun 10 by Audrey

Angels On Your Wings, Brian!

Leighanne posted this picture of her, yesterday night, after that Brian left for the last leg of the In A World Like This Tour in South America...
Safe Travels, Brian!!

"Miss you already Husband 😔 safe travels ✈️😘❤️😘"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Jun 05 by Audrey

Gallery Updated - Instagram Pictures + video!

BAM!! Here are all the lastest photos Leighanne and Brian shared on their instagram those last weeks... I am really sorry for the delay!!

Instagram (+ 10 photos - #258 to #267)

#1 - "Thank you Husband and Bay for the flowers and card!!! So Romantic! 😘"
#2 - "Happy Mother's Day spending it with friends at the pool but missing Husband. Thank you husband for all you did from so far away u took!!!😍😘☺️"
#3 - "Sending kisses... Pray for angels on our wings.... Israel bound...🙏✈️👍😇...😏"
#4 - "Awwwww!!!!! Safety first kids... Looking west at the Mediterranean Sea...."
#5 - "Headed to Masada.... The ancient fortress... South east of Tel Aviv..."
#6 - "So blessed to be in Jerusalem today AMAZING"
#7 - "Leighanne and I were baptized in the Jordan river yesterday.... Another amazing experience...."
#8 - "Headed back from Israel this morning.... What an amazing time... The history/sights/loving people/and food....... Wow!! If you haven't been, I encourage you to go... It is life changing.... What a wonderful place.... BSB Fans were so gracious.... Look forward to coming back...."
#9 - (People Deleted from Instagram by Leighanne following some rude comments.......!!)
#10 - "Workout at Fury and then a little 2 on 2!🏀"

Source: @leighlittrell and @rokspicsl

... and here's a video Leighanne recorded and shared while in Caesaria / Israel...

"What a day in Caesaria!"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Jun 05 by Audrey

Leighanne's New IG Profile Picture!

Early May, Leighanne changed her profile picture on Instagram with this cute photo of her and her husband :)

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Jun 05 by Audrey

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