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[ Instragram ] KY Music Hall Of Fame 2015

Brian and her cousin (and fellow Backstreet Boys member) - Kevin Richardson - have been honored, by their hometown of kentucky, at the KY Music Hall Of Fame 2015, on April 10th...
Of course, Leighanne and Baylee were with him/them !!
Here's pictures she shared on her instagram account when they left GA to KY and, the day after the ceremony....

Instagram ( +5 photos - #246 to #250 )

#1 - "Here we come KY!"
#2 - "And my little man as well 😃"
#3 - "Love you so much! I am so proud of you You mean the world to me😘😘😘"
#4 - "What a great time last night So glad to spend it with some great people!"
#5 - "Love ya Jod!"

Source: @leighlittrell

Persons in leighanne's photo montage (photo #4) :
* Top Left : Curtis, Jodi, Prue and the Littrells.
* Top Right : Leighanne and her niece, Ella (daughter of Brian's brother)
* Middle Left : Brian's brother, Harold and his wife Annie. And of course Leighanne and Brian ;)
* Middle Right : Leighanne and Kristin Richardson ( Kevin's wife)
* Bottom Left : Front page of the Lexington Herald newspaper
* Bottom Right : Baylee and cousin Mason Richardson (oldest son of Kevin and Kristin)
Posted on 2015 Apr 12 by Audrey

At Casa Nuova...

On thursday evening, the Littrells stopped by one of their favorite restaurant in the GA area - the Casa Nuova Italian Restaurant.
Here's a pictures shared on the restaurant's IG.

Source: @casanuova
Posted on 2015 Apr 12 by Audrey

Gallery Updated - Instagram

I added to the photo gallery the 3 lastest pictures Leighanne shared on her Instagram.
Isn't this family one of the cutest ever ?? :)

Instagram ( +3 photos - #241 to #243 )

#1 - "Gotta love Georgia! Beautiful Day! Happy Sunday! 😃"
#2 - "Here we come LA 😎"
#3 - "Family Selfie! Love seeing the Temptations with you guys tonight Love that Bay loves those guys!"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Mar 22 by Audrey

Working on a saturday...

Brian shared on his instagram, this video of him & Leighanne working at the Wylee office…

(instavideo posted on 03.14)

Source: @rokspics
Posted on 2015 Mar 22 by Audrey

Proud Mom :)

Here's a tweet Leighanne posted yesterday... :)

Posted on 2015 Mar 12 by Audrey

Leighanne's Instagram and twitter posts from NYC

Here are an InstaVideo and pictures Leighanne shared while at Baylee's rehearsals and in NYC... :)

InstaVideo posted on March 6th (the day the Littrells arrived in NYC)

Twitter (+ 2 photos - #717 and #718)
#1 - "Here we go again!! Disaster in NY 😃"
#2 - "Rehearsals before the show My little man! #proudmomma"

Instagram (+1 photo - #240)
"New York is so cool 😃"

Source: @leighlittrell / @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2015 Mar 12 by Audrey

Brian's InstaVideo and Picture from NYC

While Baylee was rehearsing for Disaster!, Brian shared on his instagram this video of his son working and this cute picture of him and his beautiful wife :)

"Thank you ❤️ for my hat. It's been so warm in NYC.... 😁"

Source: @rokspics
Posted on 2015 Mar 12 by Audrey


I found on Instagram, there's few hours ago, a beautiful drawing of Leighanne...
I contacted the lady and she agreed I shared it on my site (and networks)... here is it !

Remember the picture?

Amazing, isn't it?!

BRAVO to the artist, Miss Rebeca Melo ( @becailustra on instagram )
Posted on 2015 Mar 07 by Audrey

Getting to NY....

Leighanne and her men arrived yesterday to NYC... and it seems it wasn't easy !!

"there's no place Like Home There's no place like Home" wow non stop trouble day not good pls Lord make it get better!!! Trying to get to a HAPPY PLACE 😜

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Mar 07 by Audrey

[Wylee] Brian autographing the Wylee items.

Wylee offered us to celebrate Brian's bday (each order on 02.20 will get a item of their choice personally autographed by the man himself)
Leighanne shared, on her Wylee account on Instagram, a picture of Brian working while signing all the items (and it seems like they got many orders!!) and Brian shared a (fun!) Instagram video... laughing

""And away he goes!"

""Work work work"

Source: @wylee_bags and @rokspics
Posted on 2015 Mar 05 by Audrey

[Baylee Thomas] Disaster! The Musical

DISASTERBaylee will join the cast of Disaster! again :)
He'll perform, in NYC, Tuesday March 10th...
This one night only show is a benefit for The Actors Fund!

DISASTER! is a new musical comedy set in 1979 at the grand opening of Manhattan's first floating casino and discotheque. Can earthquakes, killer bees and tidal waves ruin this epic night? Who will survive? Find out at the laugh-out-loud musical comedy that will have you grooving along to amazing hits from the decade! All profits will benefit The Actors Fund.

Get your ticket HERE.

Break A Leg Baylee !!! :)
Posted on 2015 Mar 05 by Audrey

Instagram - gallery updated !

First of all, sorry for the lack of update....
But I am back *alright lol* !! so here's all the lastest pictures Leighanne (and Brian) shared on their Instagram accounts...

Instagram ( +12 photos - #226 to #237 )

#1 - "Thank you Audrey Baylee needed exactly everything in your basket you sent you are the best! 😘"
#2 - "Bay at rehearsal and the show!
He was AMAZING last night!!!!"
#3 - "OWE!!!!!! That hurts get off me.... Hehe took a walk down Hollywood Blvd..... Ran into some fans.... It was a nice surprise..."
#4 - "Best Friends Forever!"
#5 - "This is our Shadoof project Egyptians used this to water their crops from the Nile River! Ours is a FoodShadoof 😃"
#6 - "I so love the B&G Line! While taking of our sale today check out the B&G line on the website!"
#7 - "Missin insta and Twitta folk!!! ❤️2 all!"
#8 - "Someone is pretty happy the mail came today!!! Wonder where all his birthday money goes???😜"
#9 - "Good morning Happy Birthday éclair! 🎈🎉😘💖💥🎈🎁"
#10 - "I think he liked it!☺️😉😄"
#11 - "Happy Birthday Husband Love you!!!!"
#12 - "Wylee Wagon playin in the snow!!!"

Source: @leighlittrell + @rokspics and @wylee_bags

... and here's two pictures Leighanne shared on Twitter .

Twitter ( +2 photos - #715 and #716 )

#1- "Hands on parents!!! Thank you for all the love and support for Bay! 😘😘😘"
#2- "These are my two stars!!!👍😎😘"

Source: @LeighanneReena and @brian_littrell
Posted on 2015 Mar 01 by Audrey

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