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9.11 Never Forget !

Posted on 2014 Sep 11 by Audrey

Greetings from the Beach :)

Leighanne took some time to share two pictures from the beahc...

Instagram (+2 photos - #174 and #175)
#1 - "Howdy!!! Miss you guys but enjoying our vacation 😘"
#2 - "My men miss you all too!!!!"

Source: @leighlittrell

Keep enjoying your summer break - you and your men so deserve it !! x
Posted on 2014 Sep 10 by Audrey

Diner at "Casa Nuova"

On August 23, the Littrells went out to have dinner at a italian restaurant in Alpharetta the Casa Nuova . The owner took some pictures and posted them on the restaurant facebook page

Diner at the "Casa Nuova" restaurant. (4 photos)

Posted on 2014 Sep 09 by Audrey

From vacations...

Leighanne posted these two great pictures from vacations...

Instagram (+2 photos - #172 and #173)
#1 - "Thx pal for spending part of our vacation with us!"
#2 - Working is fun with you! Glad we are back in business together!!!

In the first one she is with her friend, Jodi, and in the second, with her friend and team mate, Miguel Torres ...
Wylee customers from day one, will remember Miguel as he worked with Leighanne at Wylee during few years... I am glad to read they are team mate again :)

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2014 Sep 08 by Audrey

Beach day... Fun day!

Yesterday, Leighanne shared on instagram a picture from their vacations and posted:
"Best 1st day at the beach ever!!!"

laughing laughing laughing

Yes, it seems like they are enjoying their break and they are having fun... don't you think?!? wink

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2014 Sep 04 by Audrey

Anniversary Chirp from Leighanne ♥

♥ No comment needed ...

Happy Anniversary Loverbirds!
Posted on 2014 Sep 02 by Audrey

Beach Bound !!

Leighanne has shared this beautiful picture of her and her husband (with special appearance of a hidden Baylee *wink*) inside the car, on their way for some well deserved vacations :)

"Beach Bound to celebrate our anniversary!"

Source: @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2014 Sep 02 by Audrey

Happy 14th Anniversary !!

♥ Happy Ivory Anniversary to Leighanne & Brian!! ♥

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
Posted on 2014 Sep 02 by Audrey

Screen capture from "I Heart Nick Carter" preview

In a few days, Nick and lauren carter's real TV - I Heart Nick Carter - will start on VH1... A extended preview is available on the VH1 website (click here if you want to watch it)... During this preview, you can see Leighanne & Brian during Nick and Lauren's wedding...
Aren't they handsome?

Posted on 2014 Sep 01 by Audrey

Pictures from Fans

It took me a while - but here are, all the pictures fans sent me!
Thank you very much Sofia, Michelle, Stephanie and Stacie for sharing your beautiful pictures with SL!
Please, do not remove the tags and do not use without persmission! Thank you :)

Wylee Party in Cinncinati OH / USA (08.28.2010) 1 photo
Credits Stacie
Wylee Party in Boston MA / USA (08.23.2013) + 4 photos
#004 to #007 > Credits Sofia
SS Backstreet 2013 +43 photos
#003 to #023 > Credits Michelle
#024 and #025 > Credits Sofia
#026 to #044 > Credits Stephanie P.
Wylee Party in Pittsburgh PA / USA (06.14.2014) 9 photos (Have a walk insde the Wylee trailer!!)
Credits > Sofia.
Wylee Party in Darien Lake NY / USA (06.18.2014) 5 photos
#001 to #003 > Credits Michelle
#004 and #005 > Credits Sofia
Wylee Party in Camden NJ (06.21.2014) 11 photos
#001 to #005 > Credits Michelle.
#006 to #011 > Credits Sofia
IAWLT Concert in Jones Beach NY / USA (06.22.2014) 2 photos
Credits > Michelle

Posted on 2014 Sep 01 by Audrey

Wylee Labor Day Sale !!!

During all the Labor Day Weekend (saturday, sunday and monday) save 30% off the entire store!!!
Use the code "SEEYASUMMER" at checkout !
Happy Shopping with Wylee smile
Posted on 2014 Aug 30 by Audrey

Leighanne's "Throwback Thursday" on Twitter

On thursday, Leighanne posted, on Twitter, this adorable picture of her with her mommy and baby Baylee and wrote :
"#tbt me, momma and Bay"

Adorable, isn't it?!?! smile

Source: @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2014 Aug 30 by Audrey

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