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"Simply Leighanne" is an unofficial website.
I am NOT Leighanne Littrell. I am NOT affiliate with her or/and her family.
This website is run by one of her fans for her fans.

[ Twitter ] Update

I just added to the photogallery the two lastest pictures Leighanne chirped...

Twitter ( +2 photos - #693 and #694 )
#1 - ""Theres still time to get this and all other Wylee Dresses for 50% off today. #50OffFriday http://www.wylee.com " "
#2 - Willie can't get out of bed!!!"

Source: @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2014 Aug 26 by Audrey

The Littrell Family Ice Bucket Challenge Video !!

They told us earlier this week that they accepted the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge... here's their - so awaited - video!!!!!! :)

Leighanne, Brian and Baylee challenge the entire staff of the W Hotel in Time Square and ALL their fans in Twitter and Instagram to do it too !! Do you accept the challenge??? ;)

Do NOT for get to donate to the ASL Association !!! ALSA.org
Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge is fun BUT don't forget that the whole thing is to HELP the research against the ASL!! Never forget that EVERY little dollar helps!
Make a Donation !
Posted on 2014 Aug 23 by Audrey


The Littrells have accepted the chanllenge while in NYC...
Brian shared this picture on Instagram and wrote :
"ALSA.org/donate Littrell family accepts the challenge... W Hotel Time Square.... Video coming soon BrianLittrell.com"

Source: @rokspics

smile smile smile

How else is impatient to watch this video???

Do NOT forget to donate to this cause!! Every dollar counts and will help !!
Posted on 2014 Aug 20 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] More photos from NYC :)

Instagram ( +2 photo - #168 and #169 )

#1 - "Back to work !"
#2 - "Motown bound"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2014 Aug 20 by Audrey

Baylee on Social networks

ATTENTION - There's few "Baylee Littrell" accounts on Twitter and Facebook but please, not all those profiles are FAKE !!!! Baylee does NOT have Twitter or facebook!!
Please, do NOT follow, block and report !!
Thank you very much !
Posted on 2014 Aug 20 by Audrey

[ Twitter ] ALS Challenge + Share A Coke With ... photos :)

Here's the two lastest pictures Leighanne shared on Twitter...
The first one is related to the ice bucket challenge who became viral on internet...

"This is so great!"

Here what I asked Leighanne and what she answered me smile

Ad few minutes later she posted this picture :)

I guess Leighanne is spending some great times with her two men ;)

Source: @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2014 Aug 19 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] At the zoo

Leighanne enjoy a ride inside the NY zoo with her two men...
While there, she shared on her Instagram a video ...

"Gotta love the Zoo!!"

... and two pictures... It seems like she captured two rare (and funny!) species wink tongue

Instagram ( +2 photo - #166 and #167 )

#1 - "Look at this rare species ! Magnificent"
#2 - "This is a sonmonkey new to the monkey family A rare sighting here at the zoo He doesn't look really happy!"hahaha"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2014 Aug 19 by Audrey

SL celebrates SIX years online !!!

It's been 6 years - already!!! - that I opened SimplyLeighanne.net !!
Six years .... I really hope you still enjoy visiting it as much as I enjoy updating it ;)

Thank you very much for visiting / supporting / sharing with me your pictures and other medias... Thank you for following me / SL on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!!

And Thank You Leighanne for being this genuine, sweet, caring, generous, funny
woman! Thank you for sharing photos with me and my site... Thank you for being simply amazing!
Thank you for being... simply Leighanne !!! ;) Love you!

Posted on 2014 Aug 17 by Audrey

[ Wylee ] "50 OFF FRIDAY" 08.15.2014

Wylee 50 Off Friday is back - alright !!! ;)

Today, save 50% off all the Wylee T-Shirts!!! and get a FREE God rock when your purchase any God Can Ts and/of Brian Littrell's "I Take God With Me Wherever I Go" tour T-Shirt !!
As always during the Wylee 50 Off Friday, NO coupon code necessary!!!

Happy Shopping with Wylee :)
Posted on 2014 Aug 15 by Audrey

Baylee is auditioning...

While in NYC, Baylee had an autition... and Leighanne asked to send good vibes his way...
I hope his audition went well !!!

Instagram ( +1 photo - #165 )
"Another audition in the city! Send good vibes Baylee's way!!!"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2014 Aug 15 by Audrey

Working.... in NYC!

Leighanne chirped there's few minutes ago, another picture from New York...
It's a photo of her beautiful biy that she shared !!

Twitter ( +1 photo - #690 )

"Here we go again! Another day of work ! Bub is learning a ton, on the job training 😃"

Source: @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2014 Aug 11 by Audrey

New York Bound !

The Littrells are now in NYC.... They went by plane yesterday evening... posted pictures from the plane and today, Leighanne posted another one from a "mysterious" place....
is Brian working on the second solo record.....??? Future will tell ;)

Instagram ( +3 photos - #162 to #164 )

#1 - "NY bound!"
#2 - "With Husband!😘😘😘"
#3 - "Work work work!!!! One and a two and a one two thee"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2014 Aug 10 by Audrey

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