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"Simply Leighanne" is an unofficial website.
I am NOT Leighanne Littrell. I am NOT affiliate with her or/and her family.
This website is run by one of her fans for her fans.

BsB Cruise 2016 - Pictures from fans!!

It took me time (so sorry) but here's some photos fans who attended the cruise in europe sent me.... a lot of more will follow asap! ( it takes me time to sort of, tag and update the site because of my long days at work - I am so sorry!)

BsB Cruise 2016 ( 51 photos )

I want to thanks Gino, Anna, Cindy, Debo, Efrat and Shiran, Esther, Eugenia, Ivana, Jerry, Katie, Leticia and Lisbeth for sharing their beautiful photos with me / SLnet !!! (as well as all the other people who shared pictures!!!! as I wrote; will do my best to post your photos as soon as I can! Promise!!!)
Posted on 2016 Jul 03 by Audrey

Photos from Baylee's FB page

Some great photos of Baylee and his amazing mommy from the DDA have been posted on Baylee's Facebook page... Click the link below to discover them on on the gallery!

Baylee's Official FB Page ( 10 photos )

Source: Baylee Littrell Official on FB
Posted on 2016 Jun 09 by Audrey

DDA 2016 - Leighanne on IG

Leighanne shared on her Instagram account some pictures before and from the Drama Desk Awards...

Instagram ( + 3 photos - #486 to #488 )

#1 - "Good Luck Bay! 😊😘😘"
#2 - "I had such an amazing night with you Bub! I am proud to be your momma! Even though you didn't hear from anyone from Disaster or most of our friends and family, the ones that you did hear from are the ones that mean the most!!! That was a Big accomplishment !!!! Daddy and I love you VERY much!"
#3 - "Had so much fun last night! Thank you Lacretta for coming with us!! Gonna miss Adriana and Colgan! 😘"

... as well as a video of her and Baylee, just before their plane takes off towards Atlanta!!! :)

Source: @leighanne_littrell
Posted on 2016 Jun 06 by Audrey

Drama Desk Awards 2016

The 61st Annual Drama Desk Awards took place on Sunday, June 5, 2016, at The Town Hall in Manhattan....
Baylee and Leighanne were there because Baylee was a nominee in the "Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical" category for his role as Ben / Lisa in "Disaster!" .
Unfortunatly, Baylee didn't got the awards.... but congrats to him on this nomination! I am sure there's plenty comedians who are DREAMING to be nominated ;)

Well... Here's pictures from yesterday that I found on WireImage (so tagged - unfortunatly)
But I got one of Baylee, Leighanne and Baylee's co star in Disaster! Lacretta Nicole (without tag for that last one - yay!!!)

Drama Desk Awards ( 6 photos )

Posted on 2016 Jun 06 by Audrey

BsB Cruise 2016

Here's two pictures, taken during the cruise, posted on the Backstreet Boys Official Facebook Page...
The first was taken during the "A NIght At The Cinema" party and the second during the last party "50 Shades Of BsB"...

Facebook (+2 photos - #24 and #25)

Posted on 2016 May 31 by Audrey

[ SL Exclusive ] BsB Cruise 2016

I had the opportunity to go to the BsB Cruise... it was my very first BsB Cruise and wow – I had a GREAT time on the ship!!! 😁
Here's my few pictures of Leighanne 😉

I will post some more that fans sent my way very soon!!! So keep checking SL😉

SL Exclusive - BsB Cruise 2016 (24 photos)

Please, do NOT remove the tag and do not use without permission. Thank you :)
Posted on 2016 May 31 by Audrey

Leighanne's IG Videos

Leighanne posted numerous videos on her instagram.
Here they are!!!

Source: @leighanne_littrell
Posted on 2016 May 31 by Audrey

Gallery Updated - IG pictures

My computer accept to re-work (it was down for few days) so I took the opportunity to updated the gallery with all the lastest photos published on Instagram by Leighanne :)

Instagram ( + 16 photos - #469 to #484 )

#1 - "Getting ready to unveil the new PSA for NYC Emergency Management with Baylee and Seth from Disaster! #preparefordisaster @bayleelittrell @sethrudetsky @disastermusical"
#2 - "#tbt thrown it way back!!! 😘😘😘Gee and 3 of her grand babies! Notice anyone?"
#3 - "Home sweet home! 😊😊"
#4 - "If I had a daughter it would be you!! 😘😘😘"
#5 - "Vote for our boy!!!!#bayleelittrell"
#6 - "Congratulations my little man!!!! You so deserve this nomination!!!! We are so beyond proud!!!!#proudmommyanddaddy #dramadeskawards"
#7 "Fun--a--ly! A margarita together with my dear friend Miguel!!! Happy belated Cinco De Mayo!"
#8 - "Happy Mothers Day Mommas!!!"
#9 - Happy Mothers Day baby.... And to all Mommies out there.....👏👏👏👏👏👏👏"
#10 - "The last time Baylee will be out signing autographs for Disaster! What a crowd today! Baylee mom and dad love you so much and we are extremely proud of you! You are a pretty amazing person! 😘😘😘 congratulations on a great run!"
#11 - "So much fun dressing up on the cruise on theme nights!"
#12 "So for 18 years I sat in a recording studio supporting Brian... Now I am doing the same for my boy! Recording the Disaster Broadway cast album! Your talent is incredible!!! #proudmomma!"
#13 - "On our way to Home Sweet Home!"
#14 "Home is the best medicine! Maymee is starting to get better!"
#15 - "My new favorite beer! Love love it!!!!"
#16 - "My shoe crush! I think Stella should be my new bestie!😍 (no offense to my current bestie)she makes my favorite shoes!!! Can I just make her my shoe bestie...😂😍😉"

Source: Source: @leighanne_littrell / @rokspics
Posted on 2016 May 31 by Audrey

Baylee's Official Facebook Page

After his approved fanpage, Baylee has now his official Facebook page!!!
Go and "LIKE" it now >> facebook.com/BayleeLittrellOfficial
Posted on 2016 Apr 15 by Audrey

Instagram videos :)

Here's an boomrang video that Leighanne posted in honor of National Puppy Day there's two weeks ago *lol* Cute!

... and another one posted on Backstage's Instagram, when Baylee took over the account for the day :)

Posted on 2016 Apr 11 by Audrey

Instagram - gallery updated

The SL gallery has been updated with all the lastest photos published on Instagram

Instagram ( + 16 photos - #453 to #468 )

#1 - "Thata boy!!!"
#2 - "Thx uncle Kev and Kristin for coming tonight to see Bay in Disaster!"
#3 - "Just want to thank Wayne Brady for a wonderful evening.... For your generosity and your time... For your words of wisdom for my son..."
#4 - "Grass fed Boy!!! Thank u Amber!
He loves to get mail and treats!!!"
#5 - "Happy Easter! ✝😇🐣🐰✝"
#6 - "Quick trip home!"
#7 - "OMG hahahahahaha"
#8 - "So much fun tonight!!! Loved being with you all?!!!"
#9 - "@rokspics @leighanne_littrell and @bayleelittrell are the most delicious family in this business. ️ you all xxx"
#10 - "Seeing his autograph on a Playbill thrills me! But seeing him work on stage makes me the proudest person in the world!!! How many people haven't seen Disaster yet???"
#11 - "Happy Boys!!!!!"
#12 - "Thank you Audrey for giving my star a Star!😘😘"
#13 - "Thank you so much to the Johnson's for coming out to see Us and for supporting Baylee!"
#14 - "Reunited and it feels so good...reunited and it understood…LOL! Hahahaha"
#15 - "We have some pretty Amazing people in our lives! Thank you for your love and support!!!" #16 - "More great friends showing their support!"

Source: Source: @leighanne_littrell / @rokspics and @olivialucyphillip
Posted on 2016 Apr 11 by Audrey

New Username for Leighanne on IG !!!

FYI - Leighanne changed her username on instagram to leighanne_littrell !! What it mean you can't find her anymore when you search under "@leighlittrell"... ;)
Posted on 2016 Apr 03 by Audrey

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