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"Simply Leighanne" is an unofficial website.
I am NOT Leighanne Littrell. I am NOT affiliate with her or/and her family.
This website is run by one of her fans for her fans.

[ InstaVideos ] Update

Leighanne made a lot of Instavideos during the IAWLT summer tour in USA!
Here are the lastest ones I still haven't posted on the site...

"What a crowd!!"


"Pittsburgh ALAYLM"

"Crazy SOMH"

"ALAY love Ella"

[ this cute little lady is Brian's brother - Harold - daughter :)
And in the first seconds of the video, you can see Mr Harold Littrell, Brian's dad :) ]

"Yea baby!"

"Me and my ladies!!!"


Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2014 Jul 04 by Audrey

[ Twitter + Instagram ] Photos update !

I finally found the time to update the photogallery with all the pictures Leighanne shared on her Twitter and Instagrams accounts (as well a few from Brian).

Twitter (+5 photos - #679 to #683 )
#1 - "Sound checking!!"
#2 - "Bay signing autographs!!!"
#3 - "We're on a boat! A mother Duckin boat!!!🎼🎶"
#4 - "Thank you Torrie & Kris!! I love it!🐣 "
#5 - "My little man!😘😘😘 "

Instagram (+9 photos - #142 to #150 )
#1 - "Thanks so much Indy.... We had a blast... See you next time..😉👍"
#2 - "The Men behind "The Boys""
#3 - "Maymee and Willie love checking in to hotels! Especially when my hottie husband is playing bellman😘"
#4 - "Taking a Duck/Boat tour of Boston with the Fam.. We're on a boat... A Mother Duckin boat"
#5 - "Good day Jones Beach!"
#6 - "Thank you Mady for coming to see me and helping me!! Love you😘"
#7 - "Day 2..... He loved it!!!! So proud of him. He busted his Butt today and wants to come back... Go get em Bub...."
#8 - "Good knyte all 😘💋"
#9 - "Happy Wednesday! Running errands out and about getting ready for the 4th at the house"

Source: @LeighanneReena + @leighlittrell + @rokspics
Posted on 2014 Jul 04 by Audrey

[ Article ] Wylee brings fashion on the road with BsB

Wylee and Leighanne were featured on the fashion news blog from Pittsburgh Gazette!!
Here's the article :

Wylee brings fashion on the road with Backstreet Boys

Before the Backstreet Boys even took to the stage Saturday at First Niagara Pavilion, Leighanne Littrell, wife of band member Brian Littrell, was running her own show out of a fashion trailer parked at the venue.

The boutique on wheels holds her collection of backpacks, purses, dresses, hand sacks and more called Wylee. Ms. Littrell (pictured above) not only is the CEO behind the colorful clothes and accessories, she's the woman on site manning the store, welcoming fans as they pack into the trailer to browse and offering style advice as they try pieces on.

Wylee started about eight years ago after her son, Baylee, was born. When she couldn't find a bag big enough to carry a breastfeeding pillow and other baby items, she bought a sewing machine and made her own to tote around essentials while on tour with the Backstreet Boys. She received compliments on the bags, made a few as gifts and a business was born.

Prices range from about $25 for keychain accessories to several hundred dollars for leather backpacks. Catch the Wylee trailer on the Backstreet Boys' "In A World Like This" tour as it travels the east coast, or shop the collection at www.wylee.com.

Credits : post-gazette.com

ATTENTION -- Visit the site for more pictures inside the "Wylee On Wheels" and for the fashion Truck Tracker !!
Posted on 2014 Jun 16 by Audrey

[ YouTube ] Baylee & Brian onstage

Here are 3 videos that the Littrells shared on their YouTube channel - the first was recorded in Wheatland CA , the second in Oklahoma City , and the third and last one in St. Paul Minnesota :)

Source : MrMrsLittrell
Posted on 2014 Jun 13 by Audrey

[ Twitter ] Baylee onstage

Here's a picture of Baylee on the stage in Chicago ...

Twitter ( +1 photo - #678 )

Source: @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2014 Jun 13 by Audrey

[ InstaVideos ] Big update!

"I want you back!"

Private concert for ALAYLM


Fan night ALAYLM!

For you Amber 😜 love this part of the show

Wylee wagon !!

Source: @leighlittrell + @wylee_bags
Posted on 2014 Jun 13 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] Update ... Photos from the road ...

I added to the gallery the lastest pictures Leighanne shared on her Instagram account ... As well as a photo from her good friend Donna- Marie Reid ...

Instagram ( +7 photos - #135 to #141 )
#1 - "Catching up after the show with my boo's #BrianLittrell & #LeighanneLittrell. #goodtimes;-) #BackstreetBoys #InaWorldLikeThis Summer Tour"
#2 - "Wylee Romper in Vegas!!"
#3 - "Is it me? Swoosh!"
#4 - "Good morning Chicago! Here is the view from our bus window Our crew works so hard Hats off to them! Without them there would be no stage!"
#5 - "Willie is a hoarder! Time for an intervention 😂"
#6 - "Lunch! #rockbottom"
#7 -

Source: @leighlittrell + @wylee_bags + @DMsPlace
Posted on 2014 Jun 13 by Audrey

[ Twitter ] Brian's WCW photo :)

Brian shared on his twitter and facebook page, there's 3 days ago, this beautiful picture of him and his "Woman Crush Wednesday" hehe ;o)
He wrote :
"In LA... getting ready for the show tonight at the Forum... See you guys there! :) #OneDayLateWCW #WCW "

Source: @brian_littrell
Posted on 2014 Jun 01 by Audrey

[ InstaVideo ] Busy day of auditions...

Here's the tweet Leighanne posted on Twitter last wednesday before to post on Instagram this video, later the same day....

Long day!!!!! 05.28.2014

I hope Baylee will get positive answers SOON !!!

Source: @LeighanneReena @leighlittrell
Posted on 2014 Jun 01 by Audrey

[ InstVideos ] Baylee's new intro + ALAYLM

Leighanne's famous instavideos are back!!!! yay!!!!

"Don't miss Bay's new intro this summer!" 05.22.2014

"Here we go!!!!!" 05.22.2014

"Guess what time it is!!!!!" 05.25.2014

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2014 May 28 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] Update ... Photos from the road ...

Leighanne and Baylee joined Brian on the In A World Like This summer tour in USA... Here are the pictures she (and Brian ) shared on instagram until now!

Instagram ( +4 photos - #131 to #134 )
#1 - "Wylee PreOrders ready to go!!!"
#2 - "We are finally with Husband!!!!"
#3 - "Family Day!!!"
#4 - "This is a #Famsie ..... Ha ha"

Source: @leighlittrell + @wylee_bags + @rokspics
Posted on 2014 May 28 by Audrey

Wylee On Tour !

Make sure to look for the "Wylee On Wheels" during the In A World Like This US summer tour !! You will be able to shop inside the Wylee trailer at the following dates :
June 11th, 2014 - Chicago, IL - FirstMerit Bank Pavillion
June 13th, 2014 - Indianapolis, IN - Klipsch Music Center
June 14th, 2014 - Pittsburgh, PA - First Niagra Pavillion
June 15th, 2014 - Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center
June 18th, 2014 - Darien Lake, NY - Darien Lake Perf Arts Center
June 20th, 2014 - Boston, MA - Comcast Center
June 21st, 2014 - Camden, NJ - Susquehanna Bank Center
June 22nd, 2014 - Wantagh, NY - NIKON at Jones Beach Theatre

Source: Wylee.com + Wylee Facebook page
Posted on 2014 May 21 by Audrey

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