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[ InstaVideo ] Willie is ready for Christmas !!

How cute is that !?!?
And look at this tree - wow !!!

Willie is ready for his first Christmas!


Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2013 Nov 09 by Audrey

SS Backstreet 2013 - photos

I added to the gallery another photos collage from the Cruise...
This collage is made with pictures of the neon party :)

( click on the collage to be redirected to the gallery )

Source: brianlittrell.com

NB - I replaced the very first collage shared on brianlittrell.com with a HQ version !!
Posted on 2013 Nov 06 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] Update

oops I just saw that I totally forgot to post pictures from Instagram!
The first one is a picture of Leighanne and Brian during the cruise ... Leighanne use it as profile picture :)
The second is a photo of Leigh with her friends Jodi and Curtis (Jodi's husband)
Those pictures were taken during the Bacsktreet Cruise 2013...

Instagram ( + 2 photos - #75 and #76 )

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2013 Nov 06 by Audrey

SS Backstreet 2013 - photos

Here's few pictures from the Backstreet Cruise!!!
The first one ( a collage ) come from brianlittrell.com and the others from backstreetboys.com .
REMINDER - I post on this site ONLY the pictures that EVERONE can access on the bsb site!! I do not post pictures for the fanclub members!!

brianlittrell.com ( + 1 photo - #015 )
bsb.com ( + 5 photos - #011 to #015 )

Posted on 2013 Nov 01 by Audrey

Wylee Fashion Show - videos

Here's videos of the Wylee Fashion Show on the Backstreet Cruise 2013.
The models looked amazing, don't you think!? :)

Credits ( and thank you) Cinzia DiFranco :)
Posted on 2013 Oct 31 by Audrey

Backstreet Cruise 2013

The cruise is over....
if you were aboard and that you agree to share pictures of Leighanne + pictures / videos from the Wylee Fashion Show, please, email me !!
You'll get full credits + I can tag your pictures and videos !!
Thank you very much :)
Posted on 2013 Oct 28 by Audrey

Backstreet Boys Cruise 2013 - updates.

Yesterday, the cruisers attended the very first Wylee Fashion Show !!! Some lucky fans / Wylee addicts walked on the runway as models for our favorite line :)

Here's a tweet and a picture from the Backstreet Boys' twitter account :
@brian_littrell & @LeighanneReena having some fun at sea 🚢

... and here's another one from the Backstreet Boys' facebook page !!
Brian & Leighanne with fans during the Wylee fashion show. #bsbcruise2013

Hope a lot of more will pop up as well as videos!!! *fingers crossed*
Posted on 2013 Oct 28 by Audrey

All aboard !!

The SS Backstreet sets sails yesterday afternoon !!!
Yes, Leighanne, Brian and the other Backstreet Boys are on board of the Carnival's Imagination for the annual Backstreet Cruise...
Many festivities are planned on board, including the Wylee Fashion Show tomorrow afternoon!!!!! :)
The cruise will end on October 28...
'Bon Voyage' to the Littrells and all the chirpsters / bsb fans!!! Enjoy and have a lot of FUN !!!
Posted on 2013 Oct 26 by Audrey

Wylee Spooky Special !!

October 24th through October 31st
Spend $25 at Wylee.com ( $25 before shipping!!!) and received 15% off your order !!
Enter code "SPOOKY" at checkout for discount !

Have a TERRIFIC shopping with Wylee !!
Posted on 2013 Oct 21 by Audrey

[ InstaVideo ] Brian's trick

Leighanne posted on Instagram, there's 3 days of that, a video of Brian having fun with a napkin...
Yup, Brian is back from Japan where he was with the Backstreet Boys for the In A World Like This tour.

Dinner tricks with Brian and Brian

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2013 Oct 21 by Audrey

Poser on Twitter !!

Leighanne has a poser on Twitter (yes, some people really need to get a life!!!!).
She sent a tweet to warn all her chirpsters!

Be careful and don't not get fooled !!
Leighanne 's one and ONLY account is @LeighanneReena and, the FAKE is @Leighanne_Reena (BLOCK THIS ACCOUNT) !!
Posted on 2013 Oct 15 by Audrey

[ Instgram ] Gallery Updated

I added to the gallery the lastest photos Leighanne shared on Instagram.

Instagram ( + 5 photos - #070 to #074 )
#1 - "Look at my men!! So Cute!"
#2 - "Loving the weather today!"
#3 - "This is just so funny had to borrow it from a chirpster!"
#4 - "My very first fire I built all by myself!"
#5 - "Now we roast hot dogs and eat Mac and cheese outside by the fire. We miss you Husband!"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2013 Oct 13 by Audrey

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