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"Simply Leighanne" is an unofficial website.
I am NOT Leighanne Littrell. I am NOT affiliate with her or/and her family.
This website is run by one of her fans for her fans.

[Family & Friends about Leigh] Donna-Marie Reid words...

Donna-Marie Reid - Leighanne's long time friend - accepted to write a few words about Leighanne...
Here's her testimonial for Leighanne :)

I keep a small circle of friends because I've found very few people to be genuine-- especially in the world of entertainment. But there was something different about Leighanne, and I recognized it the moment I first saw her at a talent agency in Atlanta, GA that represented us both at the time. We couldn't stop staring at each other! We were kindred spirits, and once we spoke it was clear we had a mutual admiration for the other, that still holds strong to this day.

You know Leighanne as a talented fashion designer, singer, and most of all a great wife and mom. I know her to be those things as well, but I also know her to be a brilliantly bone fide actress. We studied with the same acting coach in Atlanta, honing our skills as actresses, and I gotta say, Leighanne blew the class away with every. single. performance. She is really that good. Like herself, her performance was always honest, pure and often times quite riveting. Her performance always came straight from the heart, and you believed her every time because honest is the only place she knows how to come from. It's what's most beautiful about her.

Several years later Leighanne was cast in a TV pilot in LA and moved there shortly after. She was headed for the big time and I could not have been happier for her! Our lives later got busy, she married a Backstreet Boy!!, and I became a thriving producer and later a television executive in LA. We lost touch for some time, but by the grace of God reconnected years later during a BSB performance on one of my shows. We've been in constant communication and support ever since.

Though the world around us has changed, we have not. We're still simply two southern girls who genuinely love and admire each other. And now that I've come to know Brian and Baylee Littrell they too have become such a great part of me and my husbands lives. We have a great time together when schedule allows, and we try to hold on to what is still good about this business, and our friendship. Not always easy, but nice to know we've got each other In a World Like This.

Donna-Marie Reid

Thank you very much Donna!!!!

Click HERE to read or re-read some others from some of her family members and other friends smile
Posted on 2013 Oct 09 by Audrey

Wylee Fashion Show

Leighanne organizes a Fashion show during the Backstreet Boys cruise!
Here what was posted on Facebook and Twitter :

Bon Voyage! Wylee by Leighanne Littrell will be on board the Backstreet Boys 2013 20th Anniversary Cruise! Now is your chance to be a part of the fun. We are looking for Wylee Models!
See the details here:

( click on the image for the full size! )

if you are attending the BsB cruise, email them NOW at cruise@wyleebags.com and tell them your 3 favorite Wylee items in your collestion and WHY they should pick you as a model !!
Go go go, I am sure you'll be a GREAT model :)

And ppsss if you do not want to do it, do not forget to take a LOT of pictures and / or to film everything. Someone would be more than happy to post it on her site.... Just saying hehehe ;)
Posted on 2013 Oct 09 by Audrey

Leighanne the mermaid :)

Leighanne just chirped a beautiful picture of her, that Brian took during their vacations...
She said :
"I miss the beach! Thank you Husband for taking this picture! I Love memories!"

Source: @LeighanneReena

Brian answered to that :

Aren't they the cutest couple ever !?! :) ♥
Posted on 2013 Oct 03 by Audrey

Greetings from Lucy hehe ;)

"Lucy is saying good morning !"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2013 Oct 03 by Audrey

New profile pictures and header on Twitter

Leighanne made some changes on her twitter by changing her header and profile picture... she also changed the profile picture for Wylee !!

Twitter ( + 3 photos - #635 and #637 )

Beautiful scenery and beautiful woman, don't you think !? :)

Source: @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2013 Oct 03 by Audrey

New Wylee shorts :)

New shorts made their entrance at Wylee.com !!!
Welcome the Python + Chippewa + Sunset Shorts ( click on the shorts names to be redirected to the Wylee site )
Yes they are made from the same fabrics as the new Maja La Playa dresses - beautiful isn't it?!

... and don't you think Leighanne is a STUNNING model ?!?! :)

Leighanne modeling for Wylee ( + 3 photos - #017 + 018 + 019 )

Source: Wylee.com
Posted on 2013 Sep 30 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] Update

The vacations are over... Leighanne and her men are back home...
Here's two pictures that Leighanne shared on Instagram last night...

Instagram ( + 3 photos - #66 to #68 )

#1 - "Almost home"
#2 - "Love my family"

Leighanne also changed her profile picture on instagram...

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2013 Sep 28 by Audrey

Family Vacation

Here's three new 'family vacation' pictures that the Littrells shared on instagram and facebook !
The two first were posted by Leighanne on her instagram and the last one on Brian's facebook page...

Instagram ( + 2 photos - # 64 and #65 )
Facebook ( + 1 photo - #006 )

#1 - Last Day at the beach"
#2 - "Fun times! Hate to leave!"
#3 - "Having some relaxing family time before heading off to Japan with the Backstreet Boys!"

Source: @leighlittrell + Facebook.com/brianLittrell
Posted on 2013 Sep 27 by Audrey

Up Close with Leighanne Litrell and Her Wylee Collection!

Here's an interview Leighanne gave to LIB magazine :)

LIB Magazine recently caught up with Leighanne Littrell, owner and designer of the fashion line, Wylee, and also the wife of singer-songwriter Brian Litrell of Backstreet Boys.

LIB: What do you think the hottest fashion trends are for the fall?

Littrell: I think shirts will stay in for fall with boots. It is a great change from skirts.

LIB: Do you make any custom clothes or accessories?

Littrell: All of my clothing,bags and accessories are designed by me and made in the USA I choose all of my fabrics and leathers.

LIB: What are the newest items added to the Wylee collection?

Littrell: I have recently changed my Maja La Playa dress design for a better fit and have new sequin shorts in my collection

LIB: What has been the biggest selling item?

Littrell: My Rok Star fabric is the most popular fabric no matter what bag or accessory I make out of it sales like crazy!

LIB: Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

Littrell: Life gives me inspiration for my designs. I travel so much to different countries and cities all over America and of course always observing fashion, I know what bags and clothes make my travel easier so my designs come from life experiences.

LIB: I love your leather cuffs. Which one is your favorite?

Littrell: My favorite leather cuff is Leigh Leigh.

LIB: What celebrities have been spotted wearing your designs?

Littrell: My husband is a great supporter of my line he even helps out with some of my designs. I have designed costumes for a few of the Backstreet Boys tours.

Check out Littrell’s collection at the Wylee official website, and stay up to date by following Litrell on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the Wylee Twitter page!

Source: LIB magazine
Posted on 2013 Sep 26 by Audrey


Leighanne another pictures from her vacay with her family and friends.
Here's a lovely picture of her and her BFF, Jodi :)

"Besties for ever"

Source: @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2013 Sep 24 by Audrey

... from the beach.

Leighanne took the time to chirped a cute picture of her and Brian from their vacations :)

Love from the Littrell's from the beach!"

Source: @LeighanneReena

... enjoy your free days and so deserved vacations lovebirds !! :)
Posted on 2013 Sep 23 by Audrey

Leighanne modeling for Wylee

Here's 3 new pictures of Leighanne as model for Wylee !
She is wearing (left to right) the Maja La Playa Sunset , the Maja La Playa Faux Sequin and the Maja La Playa Chippewa ...
( click on the dresses names to be redirected to Wylee )

( click on the image to be redirected to the gallery )

Source: Wylee.com
Posted on 2013 Sep 23 by Audrey

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