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BIG update with Instagram and Twitter photos!

It took me SO long but I FINALLY did it !!
Here's all the lastest photos from Instagram and Twitter...

Instagram ( + 26 photos - #427 to #452 )
Twitter ( + 1 photo - #753 )

(visit the gallery for details and to see all the pictures!)

Posted on 2016 Mar 13 by Audrey

[ Baylee ] Nick Carter visits Broadway's Disaster!

Yesterday afternoon, Nick took some time out of his CRAZY schedule to go to see Disaster!, and show support to Baylee...
Here's pictures!

03.12.2016 - Nick Carter visits Broadway's "Disaster!"
(with tag - Getty Images)
(7 pictures)

Posted on 2016 Mar 13 by Audrey

[ Baylee ] Disaster! opening night - After Party

On March 8th, was the official opening night of Disaster! on Broadway....
Here's some pictures taken on after party's red carpet.

03.08.2016 - Disaster! opening night - After Party - Broadway NYC
(with tag - Getty Images)
(29 pictures)
03.08.2016 - Disaster! opening night - After Party - Broadway NYC (16 pictures)

Posted on 2016 Mar 13 by Audrey

[ Baylee ] Meeting with Mrs Betty Buckley.

On February 22, the actress and singer, Mrs Betty Buckley, came to visit the cast of Disaster! and she also attended the show...
She had nothing but amazing things to say about Baylee! (yay!)
She also took the time to take some pictures with the Littrells... here are few of them... tagged, unfortunatly.... but still so great ! :)

02.22.2016 - Backstage at Disaster! with Mrs Betty Buckley (6 photos)

Posted on 2016 Mar 13 by Audrey

"BsBoy’s son is not your average celebrity kid"

... and BAM, another article, by the NY post this time! :)

(Baylee Littrell, son of Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell,
is in "Disaster" at the Nederlander Theatre.)

Baylee Littrell was 9 when he started opening arena shows around the world.

OK, it helped that his dad, Brian, was a member of the headlining band — Backstreet Boys.

“Baylee would do two songs,” his mom, Leighanne, tells The Post. “He would ride his scooter to the stage, sing, scoot out and go play basketball. It was totally normal for him: It’s just the way he grew up.”

Now 13, Baylee’s facing smaller crowds, but they’re no less daunting: He’s making his Broadway debut playing twins Ben and Lisa in “Disaster!” — a spoof of ’70s disaster movies set to such period hits as “Hot Stuff” and “Three Times a Lady.”

Asked by his father whether it’s hard to handle two different roles, Baylee replies, “Oh yeah. It is completely the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Oddly, he sounds unfazed. Then again, he was only 3 when he started accompanying his dad on tour. “It was like waking up every day to a different surprise,” he says. “The bus would be in a huge parking lot with nobody there, and no other kids, so I had the freedom to run around.”

Leighanne, a low-key former actress who now focuses on her family, clarifies: “We had security everywhere.”

“It was like I was in a prison,” Baylee jokes.

Exchanges like this happen all the time with those three — theirs is a tight family. They left their Atlanta home for the Upper West Side while Baylee does the show, opening March 8. Though he’s attended acting camps, Baylee’s been home-schooled, which may explain his ability to play the “Downton Abbey” theme on piano, and his love for actors from way before his time.

“I saw a video of Carol Burnett on Facebook, and I was, ‘What is this show?!” he says. “I also love Tim Conway. Everything about him was hilarious.”

Taking comedy lessons from “The Carol Burnett Show” isn’t the worst thing Baylee can do to prep for “Disaster!,” in which he constantly toggles between his roles, sometimes at lightning speed.

“Lisa’s the biggest challenge,” he admits. “Sometimes I blink and I’m like, ‘Who am I doing here? Oh I’m supposed to be holding my doll, dang it!’ ” (The Littrells, committed Christians, don’t care for swearing.)

Baylee’s a pro, too, having somehow memorized not just his part, but the entire script.

How convenient: Baylee could do “Disaster!” for years — he’d just start playing the adult parts!

Brian laughs. “We’ve talked about that,” he says.

Source: NY Post
Posted on 2016 Mar 04 by Audrey

"Teen son of a BsB member makes his Broadway bow"

Here's a GREAT article about Baylee!! Check it out!!

NEW YORK (AP) — A young actor from Atlanta is making his Broadway debut this season. He's only 13 and he's never acted professionally before. But don't worry — he's got it in his DNA.

"Disaster!" star Baylee Littrell is the son of model and actress Leighanne Littrell and Brian Littrell, a member of the Backstreet Boys. "He's way better than both of us put together," said his proud mom. "Like way better."

Baylee likes baseball, grooves to The Temptations, admires Carol Burnett, cries on the couch watching girly movies with his mom and is studying the Jazz Age with his tutor. He grew up on the road — his crib was on the Backstreet Boys bus — and he has a knack for connecting with older people.

"I always was a little more sharper in some ways," he said in a joint interview with his parents. "I was always like a little too mature to hang out with other kids."

Fitting for a young man with plenty of goofy voices and an ear for mimicry, Baylee actually plays two characters in the show, a spoof of 1970s disaster movies. He plays the always-battling twins Ben and Lisa. (For Lisa, he dons a wig and sings in a higher octave.)

He sings a clutch of songs, including "25 or 6 to 4" and "Ben," popularized by a young Michael Jackson. "This show is nothing like a Broadway show," he said. "It's funny and a lot of Broadway shows are dead serious."

That he would end up in show business one day might have been predicted from the way he lit up watching his dad sing and dance in front of thousands.

When he was 4, the band's manager brought him onstage for the encore. "He was running and waving and everyone's like 'Baylee! Baylee!'" said his father. Baylee didn't want it to end: "He'd cry and pitch a fit. Like, 'Where's everybody going?'"

Soon Baylee was the opening act for the band, asking to sing songs by Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. "Two of the best vocalists on the planet," said Brian Littrell. "And I'm like, 'Oh, my gosh. Are you sure?' And he's like, 'Yeah!'"

His parents, who met on the video shoot for the Backstreet song "As Long as You Love Me," didn't initially encourage their son to follow their paths, knowing how hard show business can be.

"We're not those parents to push him in any direction," said his dad. "We're just supportive and loving in whatever he wants to do. He could be a trashman or a schoolteacher, it doesn't matter. We're here to love him."

The youngster got his big stage break when he auditioned for the upcoming Nickelodeon comedy series "School of Rock." He didn't get called back but the casting director knew "Disaster!" co-writer Seth Rudetsky and recommended Baylee when Rudetsky needed a kid for a one-night showing of his musical.

Baylee submitted a video audition and got the part. He auditioned again a few months later for another one-night-only performance of the show and then auditioned again to nab the role on Broadway.

"When I think about it, I accomplished something that not a lot of people get to achieve in their life," he said. "I'm still a little shocked. It still hasn't come out of my mind yet."

Baylee's previous stage experience consisted solely of a production of the children's musical "Dear Edwina" when he was 7 in front of a few hundred people. In a weird twist, the cast album of the show he memorized was sung, in part, by Kerry Butler, now his "Disaster!" co-star.

In "Dear Edwina," Baylee was the youngest in the cast and so impressed the creators that they added more things for him to do onstage. At one point he was dressed as a leprechaun dancing in a trash can.

"Look where that pot of gold took me now," he said, laughing.


Online: http://www.disastermusical.com

Source: AP The Big Story
Posted on 2016 Mar 04 by Audrey

[ Baylee ] Follow Baylee during a "two-show day"!

Spend a Two-Show Day at Disaster! With Young Star Baylee Littrell.

The 13-year-old, making his Broadway debut playing twins Ben and Lisa in the musical send-up of disaster films of the 70s, invites us backstage!

As the youngest member of an all-star cast in this new musical comedy, Littrell offers a one-of-a-kind perspective as to the thrills and challenges of a long day at the theatre! No stranger to showbiz, his father is Backstreet Boys founding member Brian Littrell.

Check Playbill.com for the full slideshow or visit the SL gallery :)
Posted on 2016 Mar 04 by Audrey

Happy Birthday Brian! 🎉🎂

An Happy Birthday to Leighanne's incredible husband Brian!!

If you want, you can sign HERE, the online group card that Becca started.
She'll send it to Brian later today... :)
Posted on 2016 Feb 20 by Audrey

Instagram videos :)

*oops* I forgot to post these two Instagram videos that Leighanne and Baylee have shared :)

"Baylee on stage for the first time with his fellow actors who will also be making their Broadway debuts! #bayleelittrell #bayleelittrellcentral #disastermusical"

Source: @leighlittrell

"Just shopping at party city it's a normal day"

Source: @bayleelittrell
Posted on 2016 Feb 03 by Audrey

[ Baylee ] "A Day in the life of Baylee in DISASTER !" - video

The Littrells shared on their YouTube channel this video from New York City...
Follow Baylee during a day of rehearsals for Disaster! :)

Source: MrMrsLittrell YouTube Channel
Posted on 2016 Feb 01 by Audrey

The Littrells have a message for YOU!

How nice and sweet is that !!!! *speechless* ♥♥♥

"To all of our followers/friends! ❤️"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2016 Jan 30 by Audrey

Leighanne's message to Baylee...

No comment needed ... ♥

"On the subway Crossing fingers for a better day!!! Hang in their Bub.. I am here for you!! So proud of you! Remember be "Bigger" than those who choose not to be!!! It takes incredible strength and will to be where you are! Knock me dead!😘😘😘 we LOVE you!""

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2016 Jan 29 by Audrey

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