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"Simply Leighanne" is an unofficial website.
I am NOT Leighanne Littrell. I am NOT affiliate with her or/and her family.
This website is run by one of her fans for her fans.

[ YouTube ] Baylee live in Houston Tx

Leighanne shared another video of Baylee's performance!
It was recorded on August 31, when the BsB stopped by Houston Texas with the In The World Like This tour :)

Source: MrMrsLittrell on YouTube
Posted on 2013 Sep 03 by Audrey

Anniversary on the road ...

Yesterday, Leighanne posted pictures on Instagram...

Instagram (+3 photos - #50 to #52 )

#1 - "I see you"
#2 - "Celebrating our Anniversary on the road!!!"
#3 - "#instacollage"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2013 Sep 03 by Audrey

Happy Lace Anniversary Leighanne & Brian !

Today, Leighanne & Brian celebrate their 13th anniversary
( 13 years = Lace anniversary )

Cheers! to many many many more years of love and happiness !!!
Thanks to makes me believe in TRUE LOVE ♥
Posted on 2013 Sep 02 by Audrey

Instaphoto + Instavideos :)

Here's the latest photo and videos Leighanne shared on Instagram !

"Happy Watching Daddy!"

( click on the miniature to be redirected to the gallery )

#1 - "Behind the scene in Houston the guys are awesome tonight! What's new huh???😄"
#2 - Jam on!

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2013 Sep 02 by Audrey

Fan Of The Month for September ...

The FOTM for September is Ashley.
She'll be in the spotlight in the site sidebar for the entire month...
Ashley is a proud Littrell and Wylee fan and she is from the Maryland USA.

Here's what Ashley says about Leighanne : she so sweet to us BSB fans. She takes the time to name Wylee products after her customers. Leighanne is such a wonderful wife to Brian and loving mother to Baylee.
Here's how she describes Leighanne with 3 words : Loyal, Kind,Sweet

Want to be the FOTM for October 2013 ? Email me your pictures (with or without Leighanne) + explain me why you like and support her + describe Leighanne with THREE words only.
I'll post your picture + answers on the site PLUS your photo will stay an entire month inside the side bar of the site PLUS I'll post your photo on Instagram / Twitter and Facebook :)
Good Luck ;)
Posted on 2013 Sep 02 by Audrey

Bonus photos from People Magazine

Here's bonus photos from the digital version of People Magazine (minus the first two who are in the paper magazine... just wanted to share a better quality)

( click on the pictures to be redirected to the gallery)

Thank you to @caroline169 for sharing them with SL !! :)
Posted on 2013 Aug 30 by Audrey

Backstreet tribe picture :)

People Magazine ( the issue of September 9 ) published an article about the Backstreet Boys, along with this beautiful picture !!!!! (among few other of the bsb)

Precious, isn't it !?

( click on the picture to open it in a bigger size)

Thanks Erika ( @erikalynnexrok ) for sharing it with SL !!! :)

They have to take another one to have Lauren Kitt (Nick Carter's fiancée), Rochelle McLean and Ava ( AJ McLean's wife and daughter ) and James (Howie's son) on it now ;)
Posted on 2013 Aug 30 by Audrey

Photos from Tupelo, MS

Yesterday, the In The World Like This tour stopped by Tupelo in the Mississippi ...
They took the opportunity to visit Elvis' birthplace :)
Here's three pictures that Leighanne and Brian shared on their Instagram.

Instagram ( +3 photos - #46 to #48)

#1 - "At the childhood church of Elvis Presley ( Tupelo Mississippi) really cool place..." (@rokspics)
#2 - "Elvis fever at His Birth Place !" ( @leighlittrell )
#3 - "He's Bringing Elvis Back! 🎶 " ( @leighlittrell )

Source: @leighlittrell + @rokspics
Posted on 2013 Aug 29 by Audrey

Free Shipping on your Wylee order in the US

We had a BLAST at the Wylee Parties this year on tour! We wish we could have one at every date, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get the Wylee clothes you love. From now until the end of tour, get FREE SHIPPING on any order in the United States on wylee.com


Source: Facebook.com/WyleebyLeighanneLittrell
Posted on 2013 Aug 28 by Audrey

[ YouTube ] More videos of Baylee :)

Leighanne shared two new videos of Baylee during the IAWLT tour...
On the first one, she filmed him backstage right before he go onstage ... and, on the second one she filmed his performance Tuscaloosa, AL ( yesterday night - 08.27 )

Source: MrMrsLittrell on YouTube
Posted on 2013 Aug 28 by Audrey

Fans pictures from Toronto

Tameka sent me pictures of her and her sister, Teneisha, with Leighanne and Baylee.
Pictures was taken at Toronto on August 7th .

Thank you for sharing ladies !!!!

"In A World Like This" tour - August 7th, 2013 - Toronto / Canada +2 photo (#002 and #003)

Do not use without the ladies' permission !
Posted on 2013 Aug 27 by Audrey

[ YouTube ] Baylee in Jacksonville FL

Here's Baylee full performance in Jacksonville FL :)

Source: MrMrsLittrell on YouTube
Posted on 2013 Aug 27 by Audrey

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