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[ Instagram ] Winter in New York... ❄️ II

More pictures from Leighanne and Brian during their long stay in NYC

Instagram ( +6 photos - #418 to #423 )

#1 - "This is Manny our new friend we built today.... ⛄️"
#2 - "Family facial night!!!😱"
#3 - "We are officially popping out of our Wylee Pop Up location! Don't forget our 50% off our entire site is ending soon!!! So shop till your fingers hurt! Hehehe get it? Cause it's on the internet! Hehe!!!"
#4 - "Waiting to pick up our boy!!!"
#5 - "Poopie day...."
#6 - "Love this!!! Thank you Amber for always keeping me updated!!!"

Source: @leighlittrell and @rokspics
Posted on 2016 Jan 29 by Audrey

Baylee Littrell Central - approved by Leighanne !!

Leighanne advised us on her instagram account :

So do it - Follow Baylee Littrell Central on Facebook and Twitter and get updates on Baylee and his work / projects!

And do not forget to follow Baylee on his Instagram account too !!! (it is his one and only IG account!)
Posted on 2016 Jan 24 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] Winter in New York... ❄️

It took me awhile *oops* but here's ALL the pictures Leighanne as well as Brian and Baylee shared on their social networks!
The three are still in New York for Baylee's work in "Disaster!"...
Leighanne went back to GA on January 10th to celebrate her mommy's birthday birthday (what a lovely daughter she is!!)

Instagram ( +14 photos - #404 to #417 )
"1 - "Happy Birthday Mommy!!!! I Love you!!!!!"
#2 - "Thanks for flying Delta!!!!LOL"
#3 - "Keep up with Disaster rehearsals at Playbill.com #disastermusical"
#4 - "Follow Bay's updates on his new Facebook account"
#5 - "Hey from the subway!!!!!!! OMG we are experiencing the NY way!!!"
#6 - "#throwbackthursday Back in the day when I filmed Wild America 😊 fun times!"
#7 - "Baylee is doing an Instagram takeover @DisasterMusical. Spend the day with us and go inside Broadway rehearsals!" ( @leighlittrell)
"My parents say they love me so much they could eat me.... I hope I make it to rehearsal in one piece! #PrepareForDisaster #BayleeLittrell" (baylee on @disastermusical IG)
#8 - "I think they are getting punchie! 😂😂😂" (@leighlittrell)
"Afternoon punch!" (Baylee on @disastermusical IG)
#9 - "Uncle Kevin is teaching Bay so many great things! While Max photobomb creeps !"
#10 - "We like to have fun...." (@rokspics)
#11 - "It's probably not good that there is a Sephora so close to my apartment!"
#12 - "Workin hard! Baylee,Faith,Kevin and Jennifer!#PrepareForDisaster"
#13 - "Coming home from rehearsals early! The city is shutting down early today!!! Gonna go play in the snow!"
#14 - "Husband saw a man digging his car out with a broom from our window and decided to go and help him ☺️ looks like another gentleman is helping as well! Such a good heart he has!!!❤️"

Source: @leighlittrell / @rokspics and Baylee via@disastermusical's IG


Twitter (+3 photos - #400 to #402)
"1 - "Love this article!
#2 - "Baby it's Cold Outside!!!"
#3 - "Fun times in the snow!"

Posted on 2016 Jan 24 by Audrey

Baylee will take over "Disaster!" IG account!

It was announced on Disaster! a musical Instagram account :

Thrilled to welcome @bayleelittrell to the cast, making his Broadway debut in @disastermusical. Baylee will be taking over our Instagram for a day at rehearsal next week! Stay tuned. #PrepareForDisaster

This lovely picture of Baylee with his parents accompagnied this announce :)

Click HERE and follow Disaster! a musical official Instagram !
Posted on 2016 Jan 08 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] Disaster! a musical 🎭

Leigh shared pictures from New York... in her first photo shared, she announce us that Baylee is making his Broadway debut in "Disaster! a musical". She also shared a picture of Bay during the first day at rehearsals and a (beautiful) photo of her ready to go out and face the cold weather in NYC.

Instagram (+3 photos - #400 to #402)

#1 - "Baylee is making his Broadway debut in Disaster the musical as Ben & Lisa! He plays twins! We are so proud of you Bub!"
#2 - "Bay on the first day of rehearsals! He was ready to work!!!"
#3 - "Bundled up to go have lunch with Bay! Here we come Bub!!!!❤️😘 brrrrr! its cold"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2016 Jan 08 by Audrey

7 Reasons I Know Brian Married the Right Woman

I just want to share that blog a fan wrote about Leighanne...
Beautifully said !!

Source : ajspostergirl.blogspot.fr

7 Reasons I Know Brian Married the Right Woman

I was in the 6th grade on my 45-minute bus ride across town to school when I heard that my favorite Backstreet Boy was off the market. Brian was engaged to that blonde chick from the “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” video who was holding the Chihuahua. I cried and vowed to hate her forever; NO ONE was good enough for my Brian.

My 11-year old heart eventually recovered, but Leighanne was everywhere. She was in music videos, on T.V. specials, at every show on tour. It became clear that she was here to stay, and I am so glad she is. As it turns out, Leighanne is more than good enough for Brian—she is perfect for him. I don’t believe there is another woman on this Earth who could handle herself the way that Leighanne does in this role, and here is why:

1.) She sacrifices. Sure, it seems glamorous to jet-set around the world while the Boys are on tour. But could you imagine spending the majority of your time away from your family and friends, living out of a bus and/or hotel room? And what kind of 9-5 accommodates months of travel at a time? Thank goodness her career aspirations are mobile.

2.) She supports. All of those sacrifices are the ultimate display of support for Brian. She demonstrates her loyalty and dedication by showing up and putting her family above herself. Her ability to be selfless in her marriage should be a lesson to anyone who aspires to have a life-long partnership.

3.) She lives unapologetically. When your every move is under a microscope, it can be difficult to just be yourself. Leighanne has no problems showing the world what a fun-loving, witty, intelligent, caring, humble woman she is. She never apologizes for being real, and her critics hate that they can’t phase her.

4.) She is patient. As a Backstreet fan of 18 years, I can confidently say that fans are not always calm or polite. Despite the rude comments she sometimes endures, Leighanne recognizes that a few bad apples don't spoil the whole bunch. She always poses for pictures, answers questions, signs cards, and records video messages to fans who can't be where ever she is. She treats fans like friends, and she welcomes them into her life. I can only aspire to have patience like she does.
Posted on 2016 Jan 06 by Audrey

Baylee takes over Broadway!!!!! ;)

Baylee is making his Broadway debut in "Disaster! a musical" as the twins "Lisa/Ben"!

Remember, Baylee already played this role back in January 2015 in Los Angeles and during the one night only show beneficiting for The Actors Fund on March 2015 in NYC... but this time, Disaster! take over Broadway and stays there for 6 months! (officially opens March 8) :)

Break a leg, Baylee ;)
Posted on 2016 Jan 05 by Audrey

Happy New Year + destination NYC !!

Leighanne (and Brian) shared photos - on their instagram accounts - on New Year Eve, on the New Year Day (they had a party at their house to celebrate the transition to 2016) and from NYC where they are since yesterday...

Instagram (+6 photos - #394 to #399)

#1 - "Happy New Years Eve!!!!"
#2 - "Happy New Year!!!"
#3 - "Happy New Year.... 2016BSB"
#4- "Ladies, you rock!!!!! Happy New Year!"
#5 - "I wanted to see Christmas in NY 😊 it's ok that it's Jan 4! 😉 hehe!"
#6 - "NYC first day of work..... Bigcitybigtime......."

Source: @leighlittrell and @rokspics
Posted on 2016 Jan 05 by Audrey

New Year Sale at Wylee.com !

New Year, New You! Shop the Wylee 2016 sale and save 50% off the entire store! Enter code "NEWYEAR" at checkout for discount! Wylee.com

(sale ends at the end of January!)
Posted on 2016 Jan 01 by Audrey

HAPPY 2016 !!!

May each day of the New Year
Bring happiness, good cheer
And sweet surprises…
To you and all your dear ones!
Happy New Year!

Posted on 2016 Jan 01 by Audrey

[IG+Twitter] Gallery Updated w/ Christmas magic ;)

Better late than never, right?! Here's the latest pictures Leighanne share on her instagram and twitter accounts. Sorry if it took me a while.... I just wanted to have a little break from the www and enjoy Christmas with my family :)

Instagram (+5 photos - #389 to #393)

#1 - "Baylee's School Room Tree!!!🎄🎅😇"
#2 - "Champagne always helps when you are wrapping!!!"
#3 - "Cookie night!!! Tradition!!' 🎄🎅🎄"
#4 - "Ok so here is the Play house/ studio area. I put garland in the Windows instead of trees this year 🎄"
#5 - "And the tree that is another area of the Play house/ studio! 🎅"

Twitter (+2 photos - #748 and #749)

#1 - "Very awesome and exhausting day with my entire family! We are blessed and won't ever forget it! Merry Christmas!"
#2 - "this is the shirt! Silly huh!?"

Source: @leighlittrell / @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2015 Dec 31 by Audrey

Merry Christmas from The Littrell Family :)

Source: @rokspics
Posted on 2015 Dec 26 by Audrey

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