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Brian Littrell's Family Christmas
Released: Dec 6, 2010
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Christmas With The Littrells

Released: Dec 6, 2011
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"Simply Leighanne" is an unofficial website.
I am NOT Leighanne Littrell. I am NOT affiliate with her or/and her family.
This website is run by one of her fans for her fans.

✨ Merry Christmas ✨

May the light of love shine upon you, and may your life be filled with blessings in this Christmas season.

Posted on 2015 Dec 25 by Audrey

[ Twitter ] New Photos and New Profile Picture :)

Here's two pictures Leighanne shared on her Twitter... In the first one she photographed a bouquet she got during the Wylee Party (12.11) and the second is a picture of her boy with his BFF Prue (who is Jodi's daughter) :)

Twitter (+2 photos - #745 and #747)

#1 - "Thank you Ladies!!!!! Love you much!!!!"
#2 - "My little man and his best friend Prue So grown up!"

... she also changed her profile picture !!!

Source : @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2015 Dec 22 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] Winter Wonderland at the Littrell's 🎄

You all certainly know how much the Littrells love love LOVE the magical time of year Christmas is and how much Leighanne enjoys decorating their house :)
Leighanne shared with us, on her instagram, many pictures from few of their rooms to show us her decorations... she also shared 2 pictures and a video from their Christmas Party held on their basket court :)

Instagram (+10 photos - #379 to #388)

#1 - "My office Christmas Trees!🎄🎄🎄"
#2 - "Kitchen tree🎄🎅😊"
#3 - "We had an amazing Winter Wonderland Christmas Party! Truly one to remember 🎅"
#4 - "Husband telling the Waffle House Chef how to work our hibachi grill! After our party we had American food! Hehehe Love having our friends and family to celebrate Christmas with us! 💋🎄🎅"
#5 - "Oh no my tree in the sunroom is leaning 😁😳😁"
#6 - "Santa hallway! The Elves decorated this tree!! Crazy elves! Anyone sick of my Christmas Decor posts yet?"
#7 - "Music Salon garland and tree! One of my favs!"
#8 - "Foyer trees and banister!"
#9 - "One of my Nativity's 😇🎄🙏 Jesus is the reason for the season!"
#10 - "Dining room tree! 🎄🎅🎄"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Dec 22 by Audrey

Wylee SANTA sale :)

New sale at Wylee.com !!!! Just in time for the ‪‎Holidays‬ here's the Santa Sale.
Save 20% off all regular priced merchandise with code "SANTA"!!!
Take advantage of the sale to spoil your loved ones.... or yourself !! ;)

Posted on 2015 Dec 16 by Audrey

[ Instagram ] On Board+ Countdown+ Wylee Party

#1 - "Here we go!!!!"
#2 - "Hehehehe!!"
#3 - "Wylee Party today!!!!!!"
#4 - "Fun times!!!favorite Ladies and Male in the house!!!"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Dec 12 by Audrey

Wylee Bundles :)

Wylee introduces the Bundles!! Just in time for Christmas!!!!
Find your favorite iconic Wylee designs and save money!
You have :
Audrey Holiday Bundle
(includes the Audrey Handbag Wristlet and Cuff) - $167.00 $208.00
Baylee Blue Holiday Bundle
(includes the Baylee Blue Mini Tote and Handi Sack) - $42.00 $52.00
Ellen Holiday Bundle
(includes the Ellen Mini Tote and Ellen Handi Sak) - $38.00 $47.00
Ellen Holiday Bundle (Full Size Tote)
(includes the Ellen Regular Tote Tote and Ellen Makeup Bag) - $64.00 $80.00
Frenchy Bundle (Mini Tote)
(includes the Frenchy Mini Tote and Frenchy Handi Sak) - $42.00 $52.00
Frenchy Holiday Bundle
(includes the Frenchy Regular Tote and the Frenchy Makeup Bag) - $68.00 $85.00
Georgina Holiday Bundle
(includes the Georgina Backpack, Cuff, Hold It AND CC) - $654.00 $817.00
Georgina Holiday Bundle (Mini)
( includes the Georgina Hold It, Cuff and CC) - $77.00 $96.00
Maymee Holiday Bundle
(includes the Maymee Leather Tote, CC Purse and Keychain) - $85.00 $105.00
Oyuki Yoshi Holiday Bundle
(includes the Oyuki Yoshi Mini Tote, Makeup Bag, Handi Sak) - $58.00 $72.00
Sofia Holiday Bundle
(includes the Sofia Handbag Wristlet and Cuff) - $167.00 $208.00
Suzy Holiday Bundle
(includes the Suzy Grab It, Cuff and Hold It) - $114.00 $142.00
Tracy Holiday Bunde
(includes our Tracy Grab It, Cuff and Purple Flowers scarf) - $94.00 $118.00

Head over to wylee.com to get one of those before it's too late!!!
Posted on 2015 Dec 11 by Audrey

It's beginning to look alot like christmas.... ;)

Leighanne keeps decorating their house!
It's a Christmas Wonderland at the Littrells'!!! :)

Instagram (+1 photos - #374)
Twitter (+1 photos - #744)

#1 - "Getting ready to decorate the play house!!!🎅🎄"
#2 - "I am lighting ANOTHER Christmas Tree!!! This is the only party about decorating that gets old.....🎄😜🎄 "

Source: @leighlittrelll / @LeighanneReena
Posted on 2015 Dec 03 by Audrey

[ Wylee ] Black Friday Sale !!

It's the Black Friday Weekend Sale at Wylee.com!! It starts today and lasts all weekend !!
Happy Shopping!!!! :)

Posted on 2015 Nov 27 by Audrey

Happy Thanksgiving from the Littrells :)

"Happy Thanksgiving from the Littrell's....."

Source: @rokspics
Posted on 2015 Nov 27 by Audrey

Happy Bday Baylee - Leighanne's message.

Leighanne published this beautiful picture and message on her Instagram... ♥

Posted on 2015 Nov 26 by Audrey

Happy 13th Birthday Baylee Thomas!

Little boy no more... welcome in teenage years Baylee!!
Happy 13th Birthday!
I hope your day is gonna be as special and FUNtastic as you are! ;)
We Love you!!!!! ♥

Posted on 2015 Nov 26 by Audrey

[ IG ] Bay's Bday Party + Christmas Decorations

Last weekend, Baylee had his birthday party with his friends ... Leighanne shrae a picture of the troop hehe
She also shared a picture of a fireplace she beautifully decorated with a huge garland!
Christmas is getting closer!! :)

Instagram (+2 photos - #369 to #370)

#1 - "Such a fun Birthday party for Bay! He had a real Marine experience!"
#2 - So far we have 9 trees up and decorated and this garland!🎄🎅😊"

Source: @leighlittrell
Posted on 2015 Nov 25 by Audrey

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