Full Name: Leighanne Reena ( Wallace ) Littrell
Nicknames: Leigh / Leigh-Leigh.
Birthdate: July 20th ( 1969 )
Birth Place: Marietta GA USA
Sign: Cancer

Situation: Married to Brian Thomas Littrell (member of the Backstreet Boys + christian/gospel singer.)
Wedding Date: September 20th, 2000
Place: Atlanta GA
Child: 1 boy; Baylee Thomas Wylee Littrell born in November 26th, 2002.

Home: Atlanta – Georgia .
Pets: Lil Tyk – Died in January 5th 2010 R.I.P ( Chihuahua ) / Litty Leigh – died in October 2006 R.I.P ( Chihuahua )
Maymee Lu ( Maltese ) adopted in 2007. Kiko – adopted in February 2010 while the Littrells were in Japan . Willie & Lucy adopted in 2013.( Maltese )
Mother: Shirley “Dee” T.
Dad : Raymond “Ray” Wallace ( R.I.P � )
Step Dad: Jack T.
Sibblings: 2 older sisters Suzanne & Tracy. Two stepsisters.

Her Work: Actress, model , producer and designer of a line of bags, jewelry and accessories :WYLEE.

Credit LittrellFans.net:
Leighanne Littrell has had an eclectic background ranging from professional gymnast, to model, actress, singer/songwriter, wife, and business owner. A native of Marietta, Georgia this Hollywood ing�nue combines her beauty with her business savvy and proves that with will and determination anything is possible. Leighanne just finished starring in the independent feature Megalodon which is due out July 13, 2004 and can be seen as the star of Olive Juice, an independent romantic comedy. Leighanne not only starred and co-produced Olive Juice but produced the film’s soundtrack with her husband Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell. This soundtrack was the first project that Brian and Leighanne worked on together not just as husband and wife, but as business partners as their label and film production company BriLeigh came from this collaboration.Leighanne has also been seen in such films as Wild America with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and My Fellow Americans with Jack Lemmon and James Garner. On the small screen she has starred in everything from commercials with Jerry Seinfeld, to music videos with the Backstreet Boys to the short lived series ABC’s Jam Bay to NBC’s Day’s Of Our Lives.Before coming to Los Angeles, Leighanne was a top model in the Atlanta area where she donated her time as the local celebrity to various charities, worked in Public Relations for Coca Cola Corp., taught gymnastics, and nurtured her love for music through writing songs and singing as a pastime. Now as the president of BriLeigh, Leighanne balances her duties as business woman, actress, and wife and takes time occasionally to enjoy her favorite past times which include tennis, golf, and swimming; or playing with the”kids” she has son Baylee and her adorable Chihuahuas Tyk and Litty.

Leighanne has a face to remember and she’s been popping up all over the Movie scene! Not too long ago she was on the acclaimed comedy improvisation group, The Groundlings. As her name becomes known, she continues to move on to bigger and better things for her acting career.She was born in Marietta, Georgia on July 20. While growing up she attended the local high school where she participated in the Drama Club, gaining her interest in the Arts. Other clubs she belong to include the Flag Corps, the Marching Band, and she was also a football cheerleader. She also did some modeling while in high school, and was voted Homecoming Court.Leighanne is working on a new independent film called “Olive Juice” said to be released in Orlando only. She is the lead character of the movie. She is now living in Atlanta with famous Backstreet Boy, Brian Littrell, as mentioned in a recent Rolling Stone Magazine article. Leighanne and Brian own a puppy named Tyk and they are often seen with him. ( Later she gets a second called Litty Leigh ).She even bought the dog with her on her audition for “Olive Juice” and landed the job! Some of her likes include the color yellow, Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and she enjoys Fritos.

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