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I just wanna say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the amazing peoples which have taken the time to write something for the site / for Leighanne!
God Bless.
PS: Leighanne, OLIVE JUICE !!! 😉



Leighanne’s siter.

To my beautiful and generous baby sister.
I love you and value your presence in my life every day. Even though we are both leading very active lives, I want you to know that I am always here for you if you need me.
I love you, Tracy



Leighanne’s siter / Customer Service at Wylee

“Why I love Leighanne”: well there are too many to list, Leighanne and I are very close not only in age but in many ways. She and I lived in different parts of the states for several years she in California and me in Ohio for 10 years, but when we united back in Georgia we found our lives very similar and our paths we had taken where in the same directions. She and I started families at the same time, I have a daughter 8, Baylee is 7 and I have a son who is 6. We had more in common once again as we moved into motherhood. It has been a blessing to share this experience with my little sister and we have a new love and admiration for each other each day. Both of us have wonderful husbands who support us and that makes us better as well for everyone around us. I love Leighanne for being my sister, my friend and so much more.



Leighanne’s niece / Tracy’s daughter.

Leighanne is an incredible person, not only as an amazing aunt, but also as a role model. She has an incredible ability to take on a million things at once, and still find time to encourage everyone in her life to do and be their best. Leighanne has so many great qualities, and while it would take a lifetime to name them all, one that everyone should know is this: she is an amazingly generous and grateful person; she takes everything that God has blessed her with and gives it right back to anyone who needs it. Leigh is very aware of her blessings, and she makes sure to thank God and give to others whenever she can, and because of this I have an enormous amount of respect for her. I am so fortunate to have her as such a huge part of my life, and I could not ask for a better aunt, friend, and mentor. I love her so much!



Leighanne’s niece / Tracy’s daughter

Leigh Leigh is a fantastic person. She’s so much fun to be with and i love spending as much time with her as i can. From playing Tigger’s Big Adventure or having a virtual Ping Pong battles until three o’ clock in the morning to having discussions about how fortunate we are to have such an amazing family, being around her is terrific! Not only is she fun, she’s one of the most giving and generous people i know. Leigh strives to help others each day. God has definitely blessed me with an amazing aunt and friend. I’m so glad to have her in my life. I love you Leigh Leigh!





Leighanne’s BFF / Wylee Sales Representative

Years ago I met a kind, thankful and thoughtful woman. Recently I found an amazing, unique, generous and TRUE friend. Leighanne has become such a valuable part of my life as well as my families. Her positive energy is contagious. She can turn any negative situation into something great. She is ALWAYS available to talk, listen or laugh no matter where she is or what she’s doing. She’s the easiest long distance relationship I’ve ever had. Leighanne is extremely talented and I have learned so much from her. She is like the big sister I never had and I feel like I’ve known her my entire life. I’ve heard Leighanne described as many wonderful things but I would call her one of the most beautiful, strong, honest, patient and trustworthy people I have ever been blessed to know. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She is my TRUE treasure! I love you Leigh!



Jodi’s Daughter

Leighanne makes me happy. She is always nice to me and I love to stay at her house. She is smart and funny and makes good food. She sings good too. She is so pretty and takes good care of Maymee. She loves animals. I know she doesn’t like bugs. She cares about the area around her and she recycles everything. I miss her so much when I’m not with her. I wish she didn’t live so far away from me and my mommy and daddy. We use the phone if we can’t see each other. I love Leighanne. Leighanne is kind of like my aunt.


Wylee assistant designer

I just wanted to say that since I met her she has been a role model in many ways… she is a person that listen to you and give you advise….and she is not afraid of telling you when you are wrong…It has been days where I am down and she always finds a way to cheer me up…. we always have special moments and we have a great time together…. those are things that I admire about her. I really like the way she is with her family and family means a lot to her.Also since I been working for her I have learn a lot from her and we form a great time….I only wish we can always be friends. Leighanne I know you are going to read this and I mean every word I wrote… You always have a special place between my Band and my Heart ….lol lol lol .



I keep a small circle of friends because I’ve found very few people to be genuine– especially in the world of entertainment. But there was something different about Leighanne, and I recognized it the moment I first saw her at a talent agency in Atlanta, GA that represented us both at the time. We couldn’t stop staring at each other! We were kindred spirits, and once we spoke it was clear we had a mutual admiration for the other, that still holds strong to this day.

You know Leighanne as a talented fashion designer, singer, and most of all a great wife and mom. I know her to be those things as well, but I also know her to be a brilliantly bone fide actress. We studied with the same acting coach in Atlanta, honing our skills as actresses, and I gotta say, Leighanne blew the class away with every. single. performance. She is really that good. Like herself, her performance was always honest, pure and often times quite riveting. Her performance always came straight from the heart, and you believed her every time because honest is the only place she knows how to come from. It’s what’s most beautiful about her.

Several years later Leighanne was cast in a TV pilot in LA and moved there shortly after. She was headed for the big time and I could not have been happier for her! Our lives later got busy, she married a Backstreet Boy!!, and I became a thriving producer and later a television executive in LA. We lost touch for some time, but by the grace of God reconnected years later during a BSB performance on one of my shows. We’ve been in constant communication and support ever since.

Though the world around us has changed, we have not. We’re still simply two southern girls who genuinely love and admire each other. And now that I’ve come to know Brian and Baylee Littrell they too have become such a great part of me and my husbands lives. We have a great time together when schedule allows, and we try to hold on to what is still good about this business, and our friendship. Not always easy, but nice to know we’ve got each other In a World Like This.



Jes Demyen

Leighanne is an absolutely amazing lady who I am beyond privileged to call my friend. She is always the champion of her friends and family, and encouraging and supportive of their endeavors (or hair-brained schemes… whatever the case may be LOL). She’s the girl who keeps everything moving in a positive direction, and the one you turn to when you want to get something done, and done right! She’s funny, loving, vivacious, and talented. She loves her friends and family with reckless abandon and is fiercely protective. She always make everyone feel warm and welcome, and is one of the most generous and engaging hosts I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I’m so sincerely blessed that our sons’ lives crossed paths all these years ago bringing us together – not only is she a fantastic friend to me, but she loves and cares for my son as if he were her own… truly. Cheers to Leigh! XOXO




Why do I love Leighanne? It seems like a simple question. When I was asked to answer it, I agreed without a second thought. But now I sit here and have to try to figure out how to put what’s in my head and my heart into words without making it a rambling mess. It’s not as easy as one would think. How do you describe a woman that has one of the biggest, kindest hearts? A woman that will take the time just to check in on you with a supportive word just when you seem to need it most?
In December of 2008 my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. We faced surgery in January and chemo for six months after that. Through it all, Leigh was always there with a supportive word, encouragement, and a silent strength. She kept us in her prayers and made a point of asking how mom was doing every time we talked, without fail. That’s just a small example of the type of woman Leigh is, and it is one of the reasons I love her.
Leighanne is truly a special woman. She is generous, kind, and has a heart of gold. She loves her family, loves her friends. No matter how busy she is, she tries to make a point to be there for everyone. Words don’t do Leighanne justice. There aren’t enough to truly define her. She’s simply an amazing woman, and I am so proud and so thankful to have her in my life.

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