She said it !

• I am thankfull for Christ in my life, He is life and I thank Him everyday for mine.

• The reason I am the luckiest girl in the world? Because we love each other so much and the love is shared.

• I am not interested in breaking up the Boys. I totally support Brian’s career and I’m working hard at mine and he supports mine. He’s going to be an incredible husband. I couldn’t ask for anything more. What I want the fans to know about me, I’m as down to earth as I can possibly be. It’s really important to keep your ideals and your morals and to love yourself because that’s all you’ve got. Stay in school, please!

• From the first time I saw him, well, that was it.

• It was love at first sight.

• He’s private as far as his personal life in public but he is funny, he’s spiritual, he’s good-hearted, good-natured. I am lucky! I got the best guy you’d ever want in your life and he’s mine.

• (Brian really wanted to start a family as fast as possible) If Brian got it his way, we’d had a bunch of kids right after the wedding. But I hold back because I want time alone with Brian first. I can picture that we have kids in a couple of years. People have told me that marriage changes everything, and I really want time to get used to one situation at the time.

• But Brian and I have been through so much together, that I doubt that anything in this world can seperate us!

• That was the sweetest thing and I knew then that he was the man for me. (Brian showed her the “I love you” sign after his heart surgery)

• The only way to deal with something like that, is just be there and be supportive and strong. I did not leave him until I knew that he was in perfect health. I must admit it was one of the scariest times in my life.

• Vacuuming is now Brian’s favourite thing to do because his mum did it before he was famous and since he has been famous and he has never had to do it. Now he also loves to take the trash out because it is such a new thing for him. He looks at me and smiles and says, ‘Oh I think I will take the trash out.’

• We have loads of help but I make him wash the cars. He goes, ‘I am going to wash your wheels,’ like it is a REAL BIG THRILL..

• There’s no place like Atlanta. I’m glad to be back. Brian and I want to make a life and a home here. People here are really great, although when we go out sometimes I’ll tell him ‘Baby, put on some sunglasses.’ He’s got really great eyes and they always give him away when we’re out somewhere.

• I took a lot of Breath-Asure for the first two months, just in case he did kiss me. It took him a long time to finally do that!

• He took me outside, wearing his coat, late in the afternoon and proposed to me surrounded by candles and wine. He picked Christmas because it was a time that my family were all in town and he wanted them to be part of it, he’s very thoughtful that way.

• Brian is a romance king. He proposed at Christmas in my mum’s back garden. It was 30 degrees and he wanted to have a picnic.

• He’ll always be a Backstreet Boy, even if he’s somebody’s daddy too!

• He’s so much of my happiness!

• We’ve basically been touring since we’ve met, and he’s been on tour since our honeymoon.

• I just know that first he said a prayer and then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. He waited to do it in my parents� house so that I could share it with my family. It was beautiful.

• When Baylee says: “Mommy you are so pretty, I love you” he takes my breath away and nothing else can make me feel that way.

• The first time I heard Husband singing Grace of My Life I cried!!!

• My family is the most beautiful present God has given me.

• Being a mom changed just about everything about me. I don’t have any time for myself anymore (this I am working on) That is the only down side, it has taught me SO much! I love being Baylee’s mommy, God has truly blessed me. I am more patient, kind, considerate, caring, and clever!


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